Dave Mosher’s television, video, radio, podcast, and other media appearances, interviews, and presentations include NBC (The TODAY Show), CBS (CBS This Morning), CNN, CNBC, the Science Channel (“What on Earth?”), PBS (“SciTech Now”), Fox News (Fox & Friends), WNBC, Associated Press TV, PIX11, Reuters, Al Jazeera America, Huffington Post Live, ABC Radio, BBC Radio, CBC Radio, Business Insider’s Household Name and Codebreaker podcasts, The Wall Street Journal Radio, APM’s Marketplace Radio, and more.

He’s also moderated a sci-fi movie premiere, led a public discussion with NASA about eating (and passing) food in space, shared a stage with Bill Nye, explained the science of flight while people pushed homebuilt aircraft off a 30-foot ledge, hosted popular shows on YouTube, and more.

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