Social media time machine: Where do science journalists fit in?

April 1st, 2010
By Dave Mosher

Social media diagram, courtesy Laurel Papworth and Gary HayesHave a few minutes to help science journalists and writers out? Oh, and me.

Good. Read on.

Science Writers in New York has invited me to present for 10 minutes on “the future of social media in the next decade.” (RSVP on the Facebook event page)

Honestly, I think this is an insanity-inducing topic — even with the help of pros like David A. Dobbs and Nancy Shute.

Yet I’m a firm believer in the wisdom of (smart + relevant) crowds and the goodwill of an invested community.

So I really need your help. Especially if you’re a science journalist/writer, tech/internet/social media nerd — or both.

Here are the topics SWINY asked panelists to cover:

1. We know about Twitter/Facebook/blogs, etc. — where might social media be headed in the next decade?
2. How can (and should) science writers keep up with rapidly changing social media tools?
3. How could science writers use these tools to their advantage?
4. How might these social technologies affect the future of science writing as a career?
5. How can social media be harnessed for people (i.e., freelancers) who earn a living by writing?

How you can help:

A: Take a stab at this survey, and answer what questions you can: (or scroll down)
B: If you’re a honest-to-goodness techie, what would you like to us social media’s future? Add a slide + notes to this crowd-sourced presentation:
C: E-mail me your best links related to this topic, plus anything else I should know

Total failure or raging success, I’ll post the final results on how this all went down and keep them free for all to reuse.

Thanks in advance, and please feel free pass this on. And a major hat tip to Carl Zimmer of The Loom blog for inspiring this idea.

Photo courtesy Laurel Papworth and Gary Hayes



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  • Ginny

    coolness! when/where will your presentation be?

  • Dave Mosher

    Thanks Ginny! SWINY should be posting an announcement soon with the final details, but it will be on April 26.